Philip J. Costanzo

Philip J Costanzo

Prof. Costanzo graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2001 with a BS in Chemistry. As an undergraduate, he worked for Prof. Krzysztof Matyjaszewski for three years preparing materials via Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization. He then received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Timothy Patten at University of California at Davis, where he focused upon polymer and nanoparticle synthesis. He was awarded a National Research Council Postdoctoral fellowship at the Army Research Laboratory. As a post-doc, he worked in the weapons and materials division developing new materials for wide range of applications. He joined California Polytechnic State University in 2007 and is currently a Full Professor. His research focuses upon the development of structure-property relationships, including Diels-Alder chemistry and new coupling reactions.

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