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If you have questions or comments, please feel free to reach out via email

We are actively recruiting new undergraduate members.

New group members will be paired with a mentor, and preliminary responsibilities will be evaluating scientific literature and acquisition of general polymer chemistry knowledge. After basic fundamentals have been evaluated (by all current group members), individuals will being in-person lab work. First, acting as a “shadow” with an established member to learn basic experimental techniques (including aerobic, anaerobic, cryogenic and anhydrous conditions), new members will get comfortable with basic operating procedures. Next, acting as a “minion”, previously established protocols will be repeated to aid in project advancement. Subsequently, members will become “soldiers” and begin to contribute new scientific discoveries to existing projects. Finally, individuals will become “generals” and be responsible for the training and mentoring of new members. They will be involved in project management and eligible to answer new scientific questions. All group members are expected to contribute to data collect and analysis, including proposals, publications and presentations. Please reach out if you are interested in joining.